Restaurant General Manager Cover Letter Sample

A restaurant manager cover letter helps you send your resume with a brief note to the employer that explains the reason for the letter, position you are applying for, skills and experience. Though your restaurant manager resume mentions all these points in it, it is mandatory to enclose your resume with the cover letter. This portrays your professionalism which is one of the most important aspects in the restaurant management jobs.

Points to be included in Restaurant Manager Cover Letter

Your cover letter should be short yet precise and include all the major points that will compel the employer to take a look at your resume. Hence, your letter must be equally well composed as that of your resume. To make your cover letter perfect in all ways, try to include all the below mentioned points:

  • Personal information
  • Recruiter/Employer information
  • Subject
  • Introduction
  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Conclusion

Tips to write Restaurant Manager Cover Letter

The above mentioned points will help you in composing and effective letter. Now we will look into some of the tips that will help you to write the above points.

  • Start your cover letter with your personal introduction. Mention in your full name, contact information, address, and email address. Align it to the right hand side of your letter.
  • Next to your personal information, include the date you are writing this letter on followed by the recruiter’s information like name, job position, organization name, and location. Align all this information on the left hand side of your letter.
  • Now, mention in the subject or the reason you are writing this letter to the employer. Keep the statement small and to the point.
  • Start your letter by addressing the employer. Your first paragraph must convey the reason for writing the letter, the medium you came across this job position, and a pointer towards the attached resume.
  • In the next paragraph try to educate the employer the skills you possess which make you eligible and perfect for this job position. However, ensure not to mention all the skills and use only some of the power keywords related to the industry to keep the letter short and precise.
  • Next comes in your prior job experiences. Mention in the total experience along with your current employer and the responsibilities performed in his paragraph. Again, keep it short and mention only the most important things.
  • Conclude your letter by thanking the employer for their time and consideration. Mention in the desire for a personal interview.

Hope the above points and tips help you in writing a good restaurant manager cover letter. The below given restaurant manager cover letter sample will guide you further more on the format and content to be written in your letter.

Restaurant Manager Cover Letter Sample

3541 Grand Avenue,
Maitland, FL 32751

October 1, 2014

Jerry R. Merchant
HR Manager
Red Chilies Hospitality Services
Maitland, FL

Subject: Application for Restaurant Manager Job Position

Dear Mr. Merchant,

I am writing this letter to show my keen interest in applying for the Restaurant Manager job position with Red Chilies Hospitality Services, Maitland, FL. I am applying for this position with reference to the advertisement posted by you in The Maitland Times dated October 1, 2014. I have attached my personal resume addressing the position requirements.

I have completed my Bachelor in Hospitality and Hotel Management from the University of Texas in 2007 and have boast of over 8+ years of professional experience in restaurant management and hospitality industry. My prior experiences have excelled me with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, multi-tasking abilities, marketing skills, stock level insights and many more.

Currently I am working with Ocean’s Delight, Texas as a restaurant manager and responsible for managing operation of three high volume restaurants, coordinating administration, plan restaurant events and marketing plans, set budgets, recruit new staff and more.

I look forward for an opportunity of a personal interview where we can discuss more about my skills and proficiencies that make me eligible for this job position.

Thanking your for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,
Brain Colon

Hope the above restaurant manager cover letter sample helps you in writing an compelling and error free cover letter for your job application.

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Restaurant Manager Resume Sample

With a cover letter that is well written and engaging, you can drastically increase your chances of landing an interview. Look over the following do’s and don’ts as well as this restaurant manager cover letter example to see what strategies will help you create an impressive document.

  • Do be personable. While you don’t want to appear unprofessional, restaurants want managers who are friendly and approachable. Make sure these qualities come across in your writing.
  • Don’t go over the top. If you use adjectives like fabulous, glorious, or majestic to describe your managerial skills, you’re probably not helping your credibility.
  • Do try to match the tone of the hiring company. The cover letter you write for a position at a sports bar should be a little different than what you put together for a high-end steakhouse.
  • Don’t be shy. Bragging is frowned upon in a lot of circumstances, but this is not one of them. State confidently that you’re a superior restaurant manager who is more than capable of handling any challenge that comes your way.

Restaurant Manager Advice

The restaurant industry is growing faster than ever, and positions in restaurant management are out there for people with the right skills and qualifications. These cover letter examples for restaurant management professionals can help you create your own job-winning cover letter, faster. Choose any of the cover letter examples shown here to get started right now.

Cover Letter Tips for Restaurant Manager

If you are looking for jobs as a Restaurant Manager, then it is important to develop your job seeking skills. With the right skills and hard work, it is often easier to find a job. To help you find success during your search, follow these helpful tips.

1. Network in person and online. This is a very effective way to find a job. You should talk to friends, family, and previous co-workers about potential jobs. In addition, take advantage of social media sites like LinkedIn to connect with people and discover new jobs.

2. Maintain a positive attitude. Looking for a job can seem discouraging, and it is important to remember that you are not the only person unemployed. With a positive attitude and the right motivation, you will present a better impression during networking opportunities and interviews.

3. Follow up regularly. Regular follow up is a great way to communicate your interest in a job, and it keeps you on the mind of a prospective employer. You can follow up about a potential job until you receive a definitive “no. “

4. Plan for success. Prepare a schedule to help you find a job and stay busy during your downtime.

5. Understand your options. You most likely qualify for jobs in the same industry you previously worked in. However, there may be opportunities in a different field.

Restaurant Manager Job Seeking Tips

In order to find jobs as a Restaurant Manager, you need an appealing cover letter that attracts the attention of today’s hiring managers. Your cover letter should describe your qualifications and skills. To help you create the best cover letter, use the following tips.

1. Good cover letters are easy to read and scan. Choose a clean and professional looking template, and make sure to divide your cover letter into sections. Also, include bullet points and lists to enhance readability.

2. Include a section at the top of your cover letter that highlights your main skills and accomplishments. This makes it easier for a hiring manager to understand your qualifications and choose you for an interview.

3. There is no need to worry about limiting your cover letter to one page. If you need more space to include your experience, then two page cover letters are acceptable. Doctors and academics often have longer cover letters.

4. Your contact information, including city, state, phone, and email, should be included at the top of the cover letter. This way a prospective employer knows how to get a hold of you.

5. Avoid statements in your cover letter like “duties included. ” This type of language is better for a job description, and the text of a cover letter should be more action-oriented.

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