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      In her essay “ It’s hard enough to be me”, the author Anna Lisa Raya did a great job of relating her own experience of a multicultural American and the confusion she felt about her own identify. Anna Lisa Raya was born in Mexico and grew up in L.A. She identified herself with Mexican background and Puerto Rican background as well. However, when she entered college in New York, she discovered herself as “Latina”. The author also clearly explains and argues how she got caught in between “selling-out” heritage, and being a “spic” to American.” By giving an excellent depiction of the emotions a minority citizen experiences, responding in a defensive way, Raya totally convinces the readers and make them feel interested reading the story.

      The author places her thesis statement right at the beginning of the reading with very simple words telling exactly what the reading will be “ When I entered college, I discovered I was Latina. Until then, I had never questioned who I was or where I was from.” (119).  Even though the thesis statement is written in simple language, Raya explained that she have been going through an identity crisis right at the moment she entered college. The statement is clear, specific enough, and especially giving the readers the wondering feeling of what will go on along her story.

      Raya successfully make a right choice of using her college experiences of having trouble defining herself to illustrate the frustrations she underwent.   “But as an ethnic group in college, we are force to define ourselves according to some values, generalized Latino experience. This required us to know our history, our langue, our music, and our religion”   (120) and “ I’m none of above”. The author is first to supporting her thesis statement, and second to answering the readers question and wondering what goes along. With gentle tone, this personal information is doing a great job of drawing attention, and agreement from the...

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It’s Hard Enough Being Me In the essay "It’s Hard Enough Being Me," Anna Lisa Raya relates her experiences as a multicultural American attending college in New York and the confusion she felt about her identity. She grew up in a predominately Mexican neighborhood L.A. and mostly identified with her Mexican background, but occasionally with her Puerto Rican background when visiting relatives. Upon arriving to New York, she discovered that to everyone else, she was considered "Latina." She points out that a typical "Latina" must salsa dance, know Mexican history, and most importantly, speak Spanish. Raya argues that she doesn’t know any of these things, so how could this label apply to her? She’s caught between being a "sell-out" to her heritage, and at the same time a "spic" to Americans. “It’s Hard Enough Being Me,” is an informative essay on the life for a multicultural American as well as an important insight into how people of multicultural

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