Yu Gi Oh Spirit Caller Analysis Essay

Why won’t the Password Machine accept the passwords I’m putting in?

The password machine can only be used to obtain cards you already have. In other words, you cannot enter a password of a card you do not have in the game until you receive it.

What are titles and what is their purpose?

Titles are just that, titles. You can change the title your character has by earning new ones. They seem to be just for fun and don’t seem to have any real significance. An example of a title might be, “Slifer Red Student.”

What is the dueling in this game like?

During a duel, the upper screen shows the action (including 3D monsters, etc.) while the lower screen is where you make all the moves (draw, play cards, switch phases, etc.).

Does the dueling style follow the official rules?

Yes, this game does follow the official TCG/OCG rules.

Does this game have a storyline

Yes, the storyline follows the storyline of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX television series. It starts out with you becoming a student at Duel Academy. You collect cards, duel other characters, and try to become the best duelist you can be, while at the same time going through events that Jaden/Judai Yuki went through in the television show.

What are the graphics like?

Outside of duels the basic animation is 2D with the characters looking just like they do in the TV show. Inside the duels, the face-up monsters are shown in 3D form. Some complain that the 3D images lack quality, but they are still recognizable.

Is the sound good?

Just like past Yu-Gi-Oh games, the soundtrack gets mixed reviews. The music often gets quite repetitive. While some players don’t mind this, others end up turning the sound completely down during game play.

Is it true that this game has compatibility with Nightmare Troubadour?

Yes, Spirit Caller may connect with Nightmare Troubadour enabling a new outfit and duel disk to be obtained. It is also possible to purchase cards from your Nightmare Troubadour game with your DP from Spirit Caller. However, this requires that you have two Nintendo DS systems. If you don’t, have a friend let you use his/hers.

What outfits/uniforms can you get?

According to other players, the outfits you can get include a Red Uniform, a Yellow Uniform, a Stuffy Collared Shirt (from the NT link option), a Duel Coat (if you’re wearing this, your duel disk may not be changed), an Academy Jersey, a Black Uniform, a North Academy Uniform, and a Hawaiian shirt. These are by no means the only uniforms that may be obtained. More may be yet to be discovered.

What kinds of duel disks can you get?

Some of the duel disks that may be obtained are the Academy Disk (default), the Cheap Duel Disk (from the NT link option), the Gorgeous Disk, and the Amazoness Disk. Just like with the outfits, there are most likely more that have yet to be discovered.

What duel spirits can you encounter?

Duel spirits that may be encountered include but are not limited to Adhesive Explosive, Oscillo Hero #2, Skelengel, Ebon Magician Curran, Hane Hane, Soitsu, Babycerasaurus, Vanity’s Fiend, Beelze Frog, and Star Boy.

What titles can you hold?

Titles to be held include Duel Admirer, Novice Duelist, Mid-Class Duelist, Amateur, Self-Proclaimed Expert, Slifer Red Student, Yu-Gi-Oh! Game Expert, OCG Expert, Nightmare Troubadour (from the NT link option), Pack Collector, First Class Duelist, Clothes Collector, Spell Card Collector, and Trap Card Collector.

Who can you duel against?

Duelists that may be dueled include Jaden/Judai, Syrus/Sho Marufuji, Chumley/Hayato Maeda, Alexis/Asuka Tenjouin, Chazz/Jun Manjoume, Bastion/Daichi Misawa, Jasmine/Junko Makita, Mindy/Momoe Hamaguchi, Beuregard/Ohara, Brier/Kohara, Professor Satyr/Kabayama (Ra Headmaster), Para, Dox, Blair/Rei Saotome, Titan, Torrey/Takadera, Dimitri/Kagurazaka, Tyranno Hassleberry/Tyranno Kenzan, Jinzo, Fonda Fontaine/Emi Ayukawa (Gym Teacher), Crowler/Chronos de Medici, Nightshroud/Dark Fubuki, Vampire Camula, Amazoness Tania, Don Zaloog, Abidos the third, Admiral/Anacis,  Banner/Daitokuji as Amnael, Atticus/Fubuki Tenjouin, Kagemaru, Kaibaman, Zane/Dark Zane/Ryo Marufuji, and Aster/Ed Phoenix.

This FAQ does not go over every single aspect of the game, just the most Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find your answer in this thread or anywhere else in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit Caller forum, post a new topic with your question and someone will answer it sooner or later. Thanks for reading!

I think that this game does a really good job of representing the yugioh card game, and integrating a well designed dueling field, which isI think that this game does a really good job of representing the yugioh card game, and integrating a well designed dueling field, which is fully acessable by the use of dual screens. The story follows the Yugioh GX series, and followsit quite well. the music is really great in this game, very catchy tunes, but also can be atmospheric as well. the gameplay is great as well. the duel system is very similair to Yugioh world championship 2008 etc. and is, in my opinion, one of the best representations of the card game. Something i hate in alot of the other mor recent yugioh titles, is that every time anything happens, your promted to activate a magic/trap card. for example: its the draw phase, would you like to activate a trap or magic card? you just drew a card, activate a magic/trap? its the main phase would you like to activate a magic/trap card? and so on, so forth. however, this game doesnt have that, as the game sees the only available situations and times that the given cards can be used, so your not continuosly spammed with options to activate, making the game much more fresh and basically less annoying. One thing thats really awesome about this game, is the card pack glitch. theres a way to get 50 packs for the price of one, by selecting 1 pack from 1 series, then selecting and entire pack series with L, then going to a 3rd pack, NOT GOING INTO THE PACK! but merely selecting everything with L, then releasing them with R. youll get the one pack from the 1st pack you selected, and 49 for the 2nd, for the price of one pack! its a silly glitch, but it actually makes the game better, because it makes it less tedious to collect good cards, and even if you have the best cards, the game doesnt allow you to unlock the great ones until the packs come out, which you progess more and the packs come out and have better cards. The night and day time element, as well as the way you travel and locate dueslists adds alot to the experience as well. there are alot of ways to customize your duelist and your deck, and everything is made simple and easy to use. the game is very well designed and built, and is an excellent example of a yugioh game done right.…Expand

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