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Allusions in Brave New World

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Henry Ford served as the inventor for the assembly line. He believed that the idea of independently manufacturing products was too inefficient and cultivated the idea to move the product instead of the people building it. Ford also pioneered technological research in developing products. Ford served as the turning point for technology; introducing and utilizing break-through ideas. Not only did he change how automobiles were manufactured, he changed the way people thought about technology. He made new technologies readily accessible and set the standard for the 20th century. In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, Huxley makes Ford the center-point for why the new society was created, the old one was un-happy and inefficient. Replacing God…show more content…

He theorized that the U.S. economy was heavily inefficient and as a result was beginning to slow down. He instituted many new government policies that were built upon this idea. Brave New World demonstrates this efficiency policy into the society’s main economy. The government controls most enterprises and believes that inefficiencies would slow down the economy. Automation and technology are utilized whenever possible.

8. Leon Trotsky was a Russian communist leader in the early 20th century. His beliefs, called Trotskyism, stated that the working class should have supreme power in government control. Brave New World implements Trotsky’s ideas through social classification with a cast system. Although there is a working class and wealthy class, the majority are working class members. Socialism is also used throughout Brave New World by the distribution of wealth and control.

9. Charles Darwin was the father of evolution and natural selection. Darwin brought about the idea of genetic evolution by theorizing that only the strongest in a population will survive and be able to carry on their genes. Brave New World takes on these ideas by utilizing genetic engineering to ensure that the society members have the best genes and have few DNA imperfections. This ensures that the members of a class will not be able to become stronger than the high class. It also ensures a broad single identity amongst a class’s members.

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Allusions to the Brave New World Essays

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Allusions to the Brave New World

1. Ford
Henry Ford (1863-1947) revolutionized the automobile industry with the assembly line method of production, which proved very successful for 15 million Model Ts were sold. Humans were similarly produced in the Brave New World where the embryos passed along a conveyor belt while a worker or machine would have a specific task dealing with the specimen. Again, this assembly line method proved very successful.
2. Lenina
Vladmir Lenin (1870-1924) founded the communist party in Russia and the world’s first communist dictatorship. He believed in Karl Marx’s theories that government is affected by underlying economic forces. Lenin’s dictatorship resembles that of Mustapha Mond for both of them…show more content…

When Lenin lived, he was the second most powerful man in the nation. He lost leadership to Stalin and was murdered by Stalin’s men in Mexico. Just like the world controllers in the Brave New World, Trotsky believed that everyone must fulfill their duty toward the nation so the nation could prosper. In the BNW, the society would not function if the citizens didn’t do their roles.
8. Darwin
Charles Darwin (1809-1882) was a British naturalist who became famous for his theories in evolution. He believed all species evolved form a common ancestor and that evolution happened through a process called natural selection, which meant survival of the fittest. In the BNW, the different castes of people were made from a common ancestor (a single individual). Thus, creating hundreds of his or her clones. Since the directors believed in survival of the fittest, they made the best kind of people so that they may live long in a specific environment.
9. Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) crowned himself emperor of France. He was a greatest military genius of his time and perhaps the general in history. Napoleon was an excellent administrator and introduced several reforms, which created a strong central government. In the BNW, a small powerful centralized government was established with many rules and laws all controlled under an elite individual.
10. Helmholtz
Herman Ludwig Ferdinand Von Helmholtz (1821-1894) was German physicist who helped establish the law of the

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