Expository Essay Topics On Health

20 Compelling Public Health Essay Topics

If you are looking for public health essay topics then you have come to the right place. Here are twenty topics about public health that you can use in your paper

  1. What is prediabetes and its implications? How do doctors diagnose prediabetes in children? What should pediatrics do about it?
  2. What is the free clinic movement? What are charity funds and the public sector doing for the betterment of people who do not seem to afford costly medical treatments
  3. How to fight with measles and eradicate them in light of medical science
  4. The situation of rehabs in the US and their ever-increasing number, what possibly can help the doctors win war on drugs?
  5. The internet and the social networks can contribute a lot to helping the medical professionals.
  6. Are you biologically prepared to fight off another disaster like the 9/11. Find out how prepared the world is for bioterrorism after ten years of the event
  7. What can anxiety and stress do to your skin and beauty? Find out how the stress level in your body effects your overall beauty
  8. How one can stay away from HIV and AIDS? Find out more about HIV after 30 years of its awareness.
  9. What is the possible reason for autism increasing day by day? The probability of an individual suffering from autism has rose greatly over the past decade
  10. Why do old people need excess vitamin D in their bodies? What is sciatica pain and how to deal with it in adults
  11. What can smoking do to your long-term plans and happily ever after? Find out the adverse effects of smoking on your family life; see what passive smoking can do to those who surround you.
  12. What is the smokeless tobacco? How it has gained popularity among teens over the course of years. What potential harm can it cause?
  13. Why is mortality increasing in expecting mothers in the Europe? What possible reasons have caused this change and how will the community deal with them?
  14. An insight to homosexual life, a case study reveals more facts about gays and lesbians.
  15. What is the Gulf Oil spill causing to the environment, and how it relates with health issues in the world?
  16. How to protect young children from polio
  17. The effects of nuclear bombing on a nation even years after it occurred
  18. What is the bird flu?
  19. How to stop the dengue from spreading
  20. Is there a sure way of treating cold and cough?

A List Of 15 Best Essay Topics On Health Issues

Are you in the process of creating an essay on a health issue, but have no clue what type of project to create? Then you need to decide on a topic and approach that you are going to use. You’ll see that when you are using the best approach then your ability to reach the top grade will be highly increased. With that thought in mind, here are the top 15 essay titles on health issues that can be used for your own project:

  1. What are the top 3 health issues in the world today?
  2. What is an expensive health issue to fix a health issue today?
  3. What heart diseases are there in medicine today?
  4. What are the 3 most controversial medicine in the world today?
  5. What is the major cause of obesity?
  6. What are the biggest cures to obesity?
  7. What are the 3 biggest blood complications?
  8. How can the average person avoid the obesity problem that has taken charge in the western world?
  9. How can we as a society be more aware of the different health issues that are out there?
  10. What can be done in order to reduce the risk of heart diseases?
  11. What can be done in order to reduce the risk of cancer?
  12. What are the complications that smoking causes?
  13. What are the top things that can be done about cancer?
  14. How can the fear of cancer be used to reduce the number of people getting it?
  15. What health problems are uncontrollably on the rise?

The topics mentioned above are excellent starting points that can be used to create an excellent project on health issues. You just have to understand that not every ingle topic there will be of interest to you.

It is always a great idea to write from personal experience, so think about the different health issues that you have had or that have affected your family. To get the project completed well ensure that you take the time to write about these and include as many personal touches as you can.

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