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Gardner Eye Care, Your Vision Source in Homer Glen

Gardner Eye Care has been caring for eyes and eye health for over 75 years.

Since 1938, when Dr. James Gardner founded this Optometric Practice, our mission has been to provide exceptional care and vision products for you and your family, no exceptions! Gardner Eye Care, Your Vision Source in Homer Glen continues to lead the way in optometry services and we’re here to help you achieve and maintain clear vision throughout your life.

Dr. John Gardner leads our experienced eye doctors who offer comprehensive vision examinations at our Hickory Hills optometry office and specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide array of eye diseases, conditions, and problems. We use advanced diagnostic technology and vision correction products and are committed to improving the quality of life of patients in the Hickory Hills community through enhanced vision.

Give yourself the gift of clear vision:  Call TODAY to schedule your appointment with one of our eye care providers. 708.301.3101

Why Vision Source?

With all the options you have available today, why should you choose an eye doctor in the Vision Source network?

Here are just a few of the many benefits of you can expect as a patient of a Vision Source doctor:

Unmatched Personal Care

Our member offices are dedicated to maintaining the special relationship between you and your family eye doctor. Decisions regarding your eye health are made in the office and are based upon what is best for your eyes. Learn more.

Advanced Eye Care Services

Vision Source members include some of the most prestigious eye doctors in the country. In addition to serving their patients, our member doctors also serve as professors and lecturers; as officers of local, state and national professional associations; and as research associates for clinical trials of new products and treatments. Learn more.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Because of the size and reputation of the Vision Source network, manufacturers look to Vision Source members first to introduce new instruments and diagnostic equipment. Therefore, our member offices are on the leading edge of technology in eye health care and are able to offer the most advanced vision care available. Learn more.

High-Quality Vision Products

Meet all your eye care needs under one roof. Your Vision Source member doctor provides vision exams and evaluations as well as a wide variety of contact lenses, frames and spectacle lenses. Learn more.

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