Essay Potna Go Back

The following artists are featured on the project: Shakr, Ms. Delilia, Versy, StayC, JeNeDo.

Are y'all feeling this one?

Hit up our mixtape section to stream and/or download by Essay Potna’s new Eyes Closed project, dropped on Thursday, October 31st, 2013. It features such tracks as Angel, Can I Be Your Lover, Cant Get Enough feat Shakr.

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01. Angel
02. Can I Be Your Lover
03. Cant Get Enough feat Shakr
04. Driving Me Crazy
05. Its Okay feat Ms. Delilia
06. Go Back
07. Let Me Bang
08. I Dont Know Why
09. I Just Wanna Touch You feat Shakr
10. I Wanna Believe feat Versy
11. Fuck Love
12. Karma
13. Know Im On Ya Mind feat Shakr
14. Heartbreaker
15. Make U Cry
16. Move Around feat Versy
17. Take Her Home
18. Undercover Lover
19. Watch Me feat StayC & JeNeDo
20. You A Hoe

Girl you can hit me on my phone whenever you are alone
Ready for me to come take you down
Baby girl I'm on my way, I don't mind that you play
You ain't gotta, you ain't gotta
Wait for me, wait for me, wait for me
Wait for me, wait for me, wait for me
Girl just make sure that you think of me
Think of me, think of me, think of me, think of me, think of me

[Verse 1]
Girl it's okay, you don't need to waste no time
I won't be jealous babe, just keep me on your mind
It ain't a crime go ahead and unwind
Nobody gotta know but me so baby don't be shy
You know your spots, just make sure that the door unlocked
When I walk in baby girl don't stop, I'mma sit back here for a minute and watch
I'm your biggest fan, when you get tired I can lend a hand
I'mma be back real soon, but 'til then girl you know what to do


[Verse 2]
I know I'm running late, but here I come to help
Since you can't love me babe, until you can love yourself
Rub yourself, it turns me on when
You show me that you comfortable inside your own skin
So use your mind and baby not your eyes
And make sure you move your hips, counter clock wise
This ain't forever, just in the meanwhile
You can call me night time cause I bring them freaks out


I said you ain't gotta wait
Just pulled up feeling good all day
Sorry that a nigga had to work so long
I was up in the studio making this song


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