Three Types Of Teachers Classification Essay

There are all types of teachers in this world. Know about different kinds of teachers and teacher's categories.

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Types Of Teachers

Teachers serve as the guiding force in a student's life. They are responsible for molding a student's personality and shaping his/her mental orientation. Teachers deeply impact our lives and direct the course of our future. One cannot deny the influence of teachers in one's life. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that, till a certain age, out life revolves around our teachers. They are our constant companions, until we grow old enough to come out of their shadow and move ahead on our own.

Right from the time we embark on our education trip, we come across different types of teachers. Some are friendly, some are strict, and some are the ones we idolize. We also dislike a few, who fail to impress us positively. Students begin to like teachers, according to their own individual preferences. They even classify their teachers into different categories, such as Friendly Teachers, Lenient Teachers, Perfectionist Teachers, Strict Teachers and Funny Teachers. All these classifications for teachers are based on some typical personality traits of the teachers. For ex - some teachers constantly criticize the students, some act like friends, some are fun to be with and so on. Let us explore them in detail.

Friendly Teacher
A friendly teacher, as the very term suggests, acts like a friend for his/her students. A teacher-friend, in fact, combines both the guidance of a teacher and the understanding of a friend. We all, at some point of time, aspire for an understanding teacher. Such a teacher acts like our friend, philosopher and guide.

Funny Teacher
A funny teacher is like a God-sent to the students. Such a teacher always wants to see his/her students smile ands make learning a pleasurable experience. They are not clumsy, as most people think them to be. Rather, they are witty and bring in humor in the most subtle form.

Ideal Teacher
An ideal teacher is the one we respect from our heart. He/she acts as a guide to the students, while not pushing them too much. Such a perfect motivates them and boosts their morale. He/she tries to encourage the students and refrains from criticizing them.

Lenient Teacher
A lenient teacher is easygoing and takes things as they come. He/she is not overly finicky about things, such as doing homework on time or not sitting quietly in the class, etc. Such teachers very well realize that being strict with a child can only make him/her withdrawn. However, this does not mean that one can do anything in the class of a pampering teacher.

Strict Teacher
A strict teacher is very tough on students. He/she always insists on adhering to the deadlines. Such a teacher dislikes any mistakes or carelessness on the part of the students. Students have to be extra cautious under such a teacher. He/she is like a disciplinarian, always keeping students on their toes.

Comment On This Article

A teacher is a person who helps others to acquire knowledge, competences or values. If you google for Types of Teachers, you will find all kind of answer, some of the answer might be humorous.

I personally believe that you can not pretend to be somebody that you are not. If you are a responsible kind of person, you will probably go to the classroom and ensure that your students are responsible too.

I also think that there are many types of teacher and that not all of them can be grouped into three categories.

Three Types of Teachers

While there are many different types of teachers and teaching styles and creating categories to group them all is an impossible task. Here are some of the types of teachers that you will find in most ESL classrooms

The explainer is good at:

  • explaining grammar or vocabulary
  • entertaining the students with presentations
  • In other words, the explainer knows the subject matter well.

The involver is good at:

  • involving the students in the learning process through tasks
  • using a variety of different techniques and activities to help students learn
  • In other words, the involver knows the subject matter and methodology well.

The enabler is good at:

  • creating the conditions where students do the learning
  • planning around the learners so that the teacher becomes less visible – the students and their learning are the main focus.
  • In other words, the enabler knows the subject matter, methodology and the learners well.

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