Th Rogers Skoda Homework

7th Grade Summer Packets/Reading 2017-18 


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Purpose:  This page is provided for TH Rogers Vanguard students to have a single access point to all their grade-level teachers homework or assignment pages. To access all teacher's information, please use the Faculty directory on the channel bar.


Clarification:  If the teacher has hyperlinked activities on their homework page and the student accesses the link, then the student will be taken to the teacher's website.  The student can return to the homework directory by clicking the Students link on the channel bar.



Exceptions:  Teachers may have a different method of assignments or classwork not formally categorized as homework; consequently, this page may not be regarded as a homework quick view in all cases. 2017 Summer Packet.pdf



Трюк? - Теперь уже Стратмор не мог скрыть свое раздражение.  - Это вовсе не трюк. Да я вообще слова ему не сказал о деньгах.

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