Bhagat Puran Singh Essay In Punjabi

Bhagat Puran Singh

The Amazing Story of Pingalwara and Bhagat Puran Singh

Bhagat Puran Singh

Bhai Puran Singh (June 4, 1904 – August 5, 1992) was born in Rajewal (Rahon) Ludhiana district, Punjab. Born into a hindu family, he was given the name Ram ji das as a child. Later, after witnessing hindu hypocrisy, malpractices and inequality, he choose to become a Sikh. Though he never finished his basic schooling, he became a writer, a (self) publisher, an environmentalist, and a philanthropist. He is perhaps best remembered for the home he founded in Amritsar, India, named Pingalwara, a home which long after his death, is still tending to the castaways of society: the sick, disabled and abandoned forlorn people.

As a young man, using his Sikh principles, Puran Singh decided to dedicate his life to the 'selfless service of humanity'. Puran Singh founded Pingalwara in 1947 with only a few patients, the neglected and rejected of the streets of Amritsar. An early advocate of what we today refer to as the 'Green Revolution', Bhagat Puran Singh was spreading awareness about environmental pollution and the problems of increasing soil erosion, long before such ideas became popular. Pamphlets with his writings on various subjects, such as environmental awareness, were printed on re-used paper and freely distributed.

Puran Singh was honoured in 1979 by the Government of India with the Padma Shri award, given for exceptional and distinguished service in any field. He was among the citizens of India who returned their awards and medals after the Indian army's attack and massacre of innocent Sikhs at Sri Harmandir Sahib (the Golden Temple) in 1984. He died on 5th August 1992 in Amritsar.

Early days

After the death of his father, his mother encouraged him to finish the matric level of education, which would allow him to fill a Government job. His mother worked as a domestic help in the house of a doctor at Montgomery (Sahiwal), in part to earn the money for her son's education. Later, she moved to Lahore where she cleaned utensils in households. Puran Singh was sent to a hostel where he was sent ten rupees every month by his mother.

Unfortunately, he failed his class tenth examination. Later, he was called back to Lahore and admitted in a local school, but he was not interested in studying his course books, which he felt were filled with hypothetical and theoretical knowledge with absolutely no connection or applications to everyday life. He, however, would spend hours browsing books in the Dyal Singh Library, trying to gain as much knowledge as he could.

Service to humanity

While in Lahore, he would often visit Gurdwara Dehra Sahib to do voluntary service, where he would provide water for the visitors to the gurdwara to do the necessary cleaning before entry, and help in managing the cattle that provided milk for the Gurudwara's Langar, the common kitchen, in which he helped by cleaning the utensils, making chapatis or distributing food to the sangat (people coming to the Gurdwara). He even cleaned the floor of the Gurudwara in the evening. He would clear the streets of Lahore and cremate the unclaimed dead. He took care of the destitute and took the sick to the hospital for treatment.

One day, someone fell from the roof of the Gurdwara and was badly injured. Bhagat Puran Singh immediately rushed him to the local 'Mu Hospital'. Experiencing inner joy after helping the patient, he took a man with badly bleeding leg, full of vermin, to a hospital where he expressed his thanks to Ramjidas telling him, "Son! Now I can die a peaceful death." With this incident, the service of humanity became the mission of his life. Now he would wander here and there finding the injured, physically handicapped persons, taking them to the hospital. He also took care of them as his pocket and capability allowed. Once, he even washed the clothes of an old, poor beggar who was suffering from diarrhea.

On a moonless night in 1924, someone left a four year old child, a boy stricken with leprosy at the door of Gurdwara Dehra Sahib. After performing prayers for the child's wellbeing, the then Head Granthi of the Gurudwara, Jathedar Acchar Singh, handed him over to Ramjidas, who named the boy Piara Singh. Rather than handing the child over to a center for lepers, if any existed, Bhagat Puran Singh decided to care for and raise him himself. This incident was to completely transform Puran Singh's life.

Bhagat Puran Singh with Piara Singh

After the partition of India in 1947, Bhagat Puran Singh reached a refugee camp in Amritsar which housed over 25,000 refugees with just 5 annas (0.3 rupees) in his pocket. A large number of refugees were critically wounded and incapable of nursing themselves. The government didn't make any arrangements to take care of these refugees. Bhagat Puran Singh took the initiative, he took some chloroform and turpentine oil and started treating the wounds of these refugees. He would often go in the nearby colonies to get food for the hungry and medicine for the ill.

Bhagat Puran Singh set up a centre at Amritsar. First, he had a few tents to accommodate the poor and the sick. Soon he got a plot of land and constructed a three story building to house 250 patients. The unclaimed bodies of those who die in Pingalwara are taken to the local medical college for teaching anatomy.

Bhagat Puran Singh was nominated for the Nobel Peace price in 1991. Bhagat Puran Singh won many prizes for his humanitarian work, he always invested any money received for the poor and destitute.

Later days

Bhagat Puran Singh was a tall, shabbily dressed man, who was found tramping with his wooden sandals or riding a rickshaw, along with an invalid. He always carried a brass bell hanging by his side and announcing his arrival. He found great solace and inspiration in the teachings of the Sikh Gurus.

From 1947 till 1958, Bhagat Puran Singh did not have a permanent dwelling. He could be seen outside the chief Khalsa Diwan, post offices, railway stations or under the tree outside the office of the Civil Surgeon. He would wander in the streets, asking for donations to help the needy. Some people offered to help him, but most did not.

At last, he founded and registered 'The All India Pingalwara Charitable Society' whose annual budget at that time was approx. 12.5 million rupees. Even today, this institution, headquartered at Tehsilpura, Grand Trunk Road, Amritsar, works for helping the poor, the diseased and the physically and mentally handicapped. Bhagat Puran Singh became joti jot in 1992.


Bhagat Puran Singh embraced Sikhism and took up the name Puran Singh. He was greatly inspired by the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and the Sikh Gurus.

He realized Sikhism via a simple observation. Whilst he was a child his family used to travel, from village to village. They took up residence in Mandirs (hindu temples) and Gurdwaras (Sikh temples) in each village.

In the Mandir, the high-caste priest (Brahman) ordered him to clean the temple, whilst the priest ate food in front of him without offering any.

Whilst in the Gurdwara, the priest (Giani) gave the boy (Puran Singh) food without asking for anything in return. It is these subtle observations that changed his life. Unfortunately, it is also for these reasons that Sikhism has been viewed as such a threat to hindu and muslim faiths.

Other contributions

Puran Singh was a mature environmentalist and visionary. He initiated tree plantation drives, organised talks and lectures on various issues concerning the environment and social life, and also wrote a large number of books regarding the same. Some of his famous works include "Education of man", "Righteousness alone exalts a nation", "Plant or Perish", "The Way", "The Increasing Population", and many others.

Bhagat Puran Singh

Puran Singh distributed free pamphlets and books to make the people aware of the impending dangers to the environment and society through the Pingalwara Society.


Garland Around My Neck: The Story of Puran Singh of Pingalwara, by Patwant Singh & Harinder Kaur Sekhon, DTF Pub. & Distrib., Birmingham, U.K. (with UBS Pub. Distrib., New Delhi), 2001, ISBN 1-901363-40-6


"The thoughts of great men are the common heritage of humanity and let our countrymen receive inspiration and guidance from these thoughts."

"Freedom is not an achievement but an opportunity."

"Those who die for their country are martyrs and those who live for their country are greater martyrs."

"Dignity in death is a birthright of each living thing."

"All Punjabis should sow trees of "Bohar"(Banyan), "Pippal" and "Neem", which are essential to our eco-system."

"Stop these mockeries and do not talk, but live. Do not be anxious to save Sikhism. Rest assured that Sikhism can take care of itself. Your only anxiety should be to save yourself."

When Puran Singh merged with god on 5th August 1992 in Amritsar, humanity lost a truly remarkable soul. Puran Singh was a shining example of Sikh values.

Sikhs and gurdwara's, both in India and abroad, collect funds and send them to the Pingalwara. Pingalwara receives grants from the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, Amritsar and similar charitable institutions.

Bhagat Puran Singh is an institution in himself. He was an unassuming and dedicated Sikh, who reminds one of Bhai Kanhiya, a Sikh of the Tenth Guru. Puran Singh is a true Sikh in the old tradition and has won public esteem for his humanitarian work all over India. He is called by various epithets - 'Mother Tereasa of Punjab', 'the bearded saint of Amritsar', 'Bhai Kanhiya of the twentieth century'.

If you are ever fortunate enough to visit India, please make time and visit your nearest Pingalwara branch. Just arrive, go to reception and ask to be shown around. Pingalwara volunteers always willingly help. Any donations and/ or gifts (large or small) are gratefully received by Pingalwara.

Most likely, you will remember the visit for the rest of your lives.

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*khwxIAW: pMjvIN AYfISn, mwrc, 2006: pMnw:29

**khwxIAW: pMjvIN AYfISn, mwrc, 2006: pMnw:31,32

(5) CotI aumr dy b~icAw dy aus aumr ivc Drm leI jwn vwr dyx dy ieiqhws ny myrI aus hoS sMBwl rhI aumr ivc jIvn dw iek gMBIr p~K myry swhmxy r~iKAw [ jIvn dy ies p~K nUM ies aumr ivc hr iek b~cy A~gy r~iKAw jwxw bVw zrUrI hY ikauNik aus aumr qoN hI aus nUM aunHW g~lW dw igAwn hox l~igAw krdw hY ijhVIAW aus dI smJ ivc pUrIAW AwauNdIAW hoeIAW aus dy pYrW nUM auKyV dyx vwlIAW huMdIAW hn[”

lwhOr ivc (1924-1947):auh dsvIN jmwq ivcoN &ylH ho igAw pr aus dI mW, ijs ny imMtgumrI qoN lwhOr Aw ky sr gMgw rwm hspqwl ivc nOkrI kr leI sI, ny lwhOr bulw ky s.b. Kwlsw hweI skUl qoN muV dsvIN dw iemiqhwn idvwieAw [ iemiqhwn q~k auh skUl dy hostl ivc hI irhw [ iemiqhwn qoN ip~CoN hrnwm isMG Awty vwly ny, ijnHW dy Gr aus dI mW ny hux nOkrI kr leI sI, rwmjI nUM Awpxy Gr ivc hI r~K ilAw Aqy ikhw, “nqIjy q~k qUM gurduAwrw fyhrw swihb clw jwieAw kr, au~Qy h`QW dI Anyk pRkwr dI syvw kirAw kr Aqy Swm nUM Gr Aw jwieAw kr [ ijs bMdy ny vI kuJ pRwpq kIqw hY, auh aus ny gurU Gr qoN hI pRwpq kIqw hY[”

ieMj auh gurduAwrw fyhrw swihb jwx lg ipAw[ ie~Qy aus dw nW ‘pUrn isMG’ r~iKAw igAw Aqy ip~CoN pMQ dy idmwg igAwnI krqwr isMG ny nwl ‘Bgq’ joV id~qw [ ieMj auh rwmjI dws qoN ‘Bgq pUrn isMG’ bx igAw [

aunHW dI mW s. hrnwm isMG dy lVky s. hrI isMG nUM kihMdI rihMdI sI ik Awpxy bYNk ivc pUrn isMG nUM nOkrI dy dyvy [ pr s. hrnwm isMG ny Awpxy pu~qr nUM kih id~qw sI, “AsIN pUrn isMG nUM Awpxw nOkr nhIN r~K skdy, ies qoN gurU ny Awpxy kMm lYxy hn [” s. hrnwm isMG ny aunHW dI mW nUM vI ieh kih id~qw sI, “bIbI ! qyrw pu~qr v~fw AwdmI bxygw [”

gurduAwrw fyhrw swihb ivc kMm kridAW vyK ky mhMq qyjw isMG ny pUrn isMG nUM bhuq ipAwr Aqy auqSwh id~qw [ auh ieSnwn dIAW tUtIAW dI hltI ju~py Joty nUM h~kdy, p~Ty pwauNdy, lMgr dy jUTy BWfy mWjdy, q~pV ivCwauNdy, XwqrUAW dy rwq sOx dy pRbMD dI dyK-Bwl krdy,  by-Awsry rogIAW Aqy ApwhjW dI syvw-sMBwl krdy, aunHW nUM hspqwl lY ky jWdy Aqy dvweIAW dw pRbMD krdy[ joiVAW Aqy sweIkl stYNf dI syvw ’qy bYTdy Aqy nwlo-nwl kIrqn vI suxdy rihMdy [ jdoN ienHW kMmW qoN ivhl imldI, lwiebRyrIAW ivc jw ky A^bwrW, rswly Aqy ikqwbW pVHdy Aqy igAwn pRwpq krdy rihMdy [ auh srdy-pu~jdy bMidAW koloN pYsy mMg ky grIb Aqy loVvMd ividAwrQIAW dI mdd vI krdy[

aunHW ny AwbwdI dy vwDy, AMn-sMkt, jMglW dI AMDw-DuMd ktweI, vwqwvrn dy dUiSq hox, pYtrOl, fIzl, koly dI byqhwSw Kpq, DrqI dy Kory, fYmW dy Brn, smwijk burweIAW, by-rozgwrI Awid dy mwVy AsrW bwry vI igAwn pRwpq kIqw Aqy socxw SurU kIqw [ ies dy PlsrUp hI aunHW ny ipMglvwVw ivc Cwpw^wnw lw ky ienHW iviSAW ’qy coxvW swihq CwipAw Aqy lokW ivc muKq vMifAw [

sMsQw bxwaux dI klpnw : Bgq jI Awp ilKdy hn, “byAwsry rogIAW dI durdSw nUM vyK ky ij~Qy myry idl ivc ieh i^Awl pYdw hoieAw krdw ik mYN ienHW leI iek AijhI sMsQw bxwvW, ijhVI ienHW nUM sMBwly, srkwrI hspqwlW

qoN ielwj krwey, au~Qy mYnUM ieh i^Awl vI pYdw hoieAw krdw ik mYN hornW dySW dIAW pusqkW Aqy rswly pVH ky ieh pqw krW ik AgWh-vDU dySW ny Aijhy msly h~l krn leI kI kuJ soicAw Aqy kI kuJ kIqw hY [”

mW dI mOq :23 jUn 1930 nUM aunHW dI mW dI, FweI swl bImwr rihx auprMq, Cyhrtw swihb dy gurduAwry dI h~d AMdr mOq ho geI [ auh bhuq k`ly-k`ly mihsUs krn l~gy [ nwl hI mW nwl kIqy vwAidAW Anuswr pRwxI-mwqr (duKI qy by-shwrw mnu~Kqw) dI syvw krn bwry gMBIrqw nwl socx, pVHn Aqy kMm krn ju~t pey [

ipMglvwVy dI nINh : sMn 1934 ivc iek cwr ku swl dw ApMg (lUlHw) b~cw qVky dy hnyry ivc gurduAwrw fyhrw swihb dy swhmxy corIauN hI koeI C~f igAw sI [ ies b~cy dI mW cwr ku mhIny pihlW mr geI sI Aqy ipqw ies nUM cwr ku mhIny sMBwlx ip~CoN, ijs j~t dy Gr auh sIrI sI, aus dy Gr b~cy nUM C~f ky Awp Alop ho igAw sI [ ipqw dI kuJ idn aufIk krn auprMq, do izmIdwr b~cy nMU AMimRqsr Aqy lwhOr dy XqIm-^winAW ivc leI iPrdy rhy pr ikauNik b~cw AwpxI ikirAw Awp soDx dy Xog nhIN sI, swry pwisauN nWh ho geI [ AMq ivc auh b~cy nUM lY ky gurduAwrw fyhrw swihb Awey [ prMqU ie`Qy vI b~cw r~Kx dw koeI pRbMD nhIN ho skdw sI [ auh izmINdwr rwq gurduAwrw swihb ivc Tihry Aqy qVHky hnyry ivc b~cy nUM C~f ky Awp cldy bxy[ b~cy nUM Kwx-pIx nUM qW sB idMdy pr sWBx nUM koeI A~gy nw AwieAw [ jdoN b~cw bd-hzmI nwl bImwr ho igAw Aqy Awpxy hI ml-mUqr nwl ilb~V-iq~bV igAw qW gurduAwrw fyhrw swihb dy hY~f gRMQI, jQydwr A~Cr isMG, ny Ardws kr ky ieh b~cw Bgq jI dy hvwly kr id~qw Aqy AwiKAw, “pUrnw isMGw ! qUM hI ies dI syvw-sMBwl kr [” Aqy ieMj aus idn hI jwxo ipMglvwVy dI nINh r~KI geI [

Bgq jI ny b~cy nUM bVy ipAwr nwl r`iKAw Aqy aus dw nW vI ipAwrw isMG hI r~iKAw [ 1934 qoN 1947 qk Bgq jI ny AwpxI ip`T Aqy moiFAW nUM hI aus dw itkwxw bxweI r~iKAw [ Awm lokW ny bVI hYrwnI Aqy ihkwrq BrIAW nzrW nwl vyiKAw, kuJ mUrKW ny iK~lI vI aufweI pr Bgq jI syvw dI ies kiTn pRIiKAw ivcoN sPl ho ky inkly Aqy kdI ip`CW BON ky nw vyiKAw[

^wlsw kwlj AMimRqsr dy iriPaUzI kYNp ivc (18-08-1947):dyS dI vMf smyN auh 18 Agsq 1947 nUM lwhOr qoN ^wlsw kwlj, AMimRqsr dy iri&aUjI kYNp ivc phuMcy [ aunHW nwl iek mrIz (iek mrnwaU bu~Fw), ip~T au~qy sqwrW virHAW dw ipAwrw isMG Aqy jyb ivc iek rupeIAw pMj Awny sn [ au~qy-qyV dy k`piVAW qoN ibnW aunHW kol hor kuJ vI nhIN sI [ kYNp ivc iriPaUjI AwauNdy Aqy A~gy qurI jWdy [ ienHW dI igxqI 23,000 qoN 25,000 dy ivc-ivc rihMdI [ ienHW ivc keI by-Awsry rogI, Apwhj Aqy bu~Fy vI huMdy [ Bgq jI ny ienHW nUM sWBx dI izMmyvwrI Awpxy isr Awp hI lY leI sI [ ieh kYNp 31-12-1947 qk irhw Aqy ies dy kmwfYNt ipRMsIpl joD isMG sn [ kYNp Kqm hox q`k Bgq jI dy mrIzW dI igxqI s`q-A`T ho cu`kI hoeI sI[

^wlsw kwlj qoN inkl ky cI& ^wlsw dIvwn dy A~gy, rylvy stySn dI sVk dy kMFy Aqy 01-10-1948 qoN hspqwl dy bUhy A~gy, rwm bwg dy drvwzy dy lwgy, bohV dy hyTW, Bgq jI ny Awpxy mrIzW,

ApwhjW smyq fyrw lwieAw [ ieMj fyF swl qurdy-iPridAW mrIzW dI syvw-sMBwl kIqI, ijs ivc GrW qoN pRSwdy augrwhuxw, rogIAW nUM sWBxw, hspqwl iljwxw, dvweIAW dw pRbMD krnw, t~tIAW cu~kxIAW, gMdy kpVy Doxy, bhukr dyxw, BWfy mWjxy Awid  Swml sI [ pYsw koeI kol hY nhIN sI [ ieh swry kMm Bgq jI ie`kly hI krdy rhy [ 22 mrIz ho jwx ’qy kyvl svyry, iek smyN vwsqy, iek imhqr (s&weI syvk) r~iKAw sI [ iek purwxw irSkw lY ky, Prym smyq Aglw phIAw k~F id~qw Aqy do bWs lw ky, irkSy nUM D~k mrIz hspqwl lY jWdy[ ieh ipMglvwVy dI pihlI AYNbUlYNs sI[ g~l kI, s^q Gwlxw Gwl ky auh lwvwrs bu`iFAW dI fMgorI, lwcwr AOrqW dy rKvwly Aqy XqIm b~icAW dy mwpy bx gey[

ieMj sVkW dy kMiFAW ’qy rulx ip~CoN, aunHW ny isvl srjn dy d&qr lwgy iek inkwsI koTI m~l leI, jo bwAd ivc ^wlI krnI peI [ iPr 1950 ivc ieMdr pYlys isnymw dI  nw-mukMml iemwrq ivc Aqy rwm qlweI vwlI srW ivc fyry lwey [

ipMglvwVw bxn ivc Xogdwn :ipAwrw isMG qW ipMglvwVw bxn dw kwrn hY hI sI Aqy hor vI bhuq swry suihrd Aqy dwnI s~jxW ny Bgq jI nUM bhuq shwieqw id~qI Aqy auqSwh vI id~qw [ pr aunHW iliKAw hY, “jykr nrYx isMG Aqy gurbcn isMG kuMFw myry nwl sVk au~qyy fyry dy idnW ivc nw rhy huMdy qW Swied ipMglvwVw hoNd ivc nw AwauNdw[ gurbcn isMG kuMFw ny qW, syvw dI ^wqr, pRqwp isMG kYroN v~loN kIqI cMgI nOkrI idvwaux dI pySkS vI Tukrw id~qI sI, ijnHW dw gurbcn isMG kuMFw  sMn 1942eI. dI kYd dw swQI sI [”  ies kwrn ienHW do s~jxW dw Xogdwn vrnxXog hY [

mu~K d&qr vwlI QW ’qy ipMglvwVw dw bxnw :byAMq D~ky-DoVy Kwx Aqy QW-QW Btkx qoN bwAd 27-11-1958 nUM hux dy mu~K d&qr vwlI QW 16964 rupey ivc Bgq jI ny ifsitRkt rYNt AYNf mYnyijMg A&sr pwsoN ^rId leI [ ieh kyNdrI muV-vsybw mMqrI, imhr cMd KMnw, dIAW ihdwieqW dy PlsrUp sMBv ho sikAw, ijMnW nUM mu~K mMqrI pMjwb, gopI cMd Bwrgv ny bynqI kIqI sI [ mu~K mMqrI Bgq jI dy lwhOr dy idnW dy pRSMsk sn Aqy cMgI qrHW jwxUM vI [ ies qrHW  ipMglvwVw bwkwiedw qOr ’qy hoNd ivc Aw igAw [ ‘Awl ieMfIAW ipMglvwVw soswietI (rij:), AMimRqsr’ dy rUp ivc rijstRySn imqI 06-03-1957 nUM rijstrwr Aw& kMpnIz, pMjwb Aqy ihmwcl pRdyS pwsoN pihlW hI krvweI jw cu~kI sI [

Bgq jI dI S^sIAq bwry :mW v~loN bcpn ivc jo dieAw, Drm, sq, sMqoK dy sMskwr Bgq jI nUM ivrsy ivc imly sn, gurduAwrw fyhrw swihb dI Cqr-CwieAw hyT kIqI syvw ny sony ’qy suhwgy dw kMm kIqw [ gurbwxI kIrqn Aqy gurduAwrw swihb dy sv~C mwhOl ny aunHW nUM isdkI is~K bxw id~qw sI [ lwiebRyrIAW ivcoN gRihx kIqy igAwn Aqy inSkwm smwijk syvw Aqy lwcwr rogIAW dI sMBwl ny aunHW nUM pUrn mnu~K bxw id~qw sI [ qWhI qW auh Bgq vI sn, pUrn vI, (srIrk, mwnisk Aqy ie^lwkI qOr ’qy) Aqy isMG (Syr) ArQwq infr vI sn [

dIn-duKIAW dI syvw dy nwl-nwl auh Awpxy swQI syvwdwrW dw vI hr du~K-su~K ivc swQ idMdy [ auh hr jIv ivc r~b dI hoNd mihsUs krdy Aqy, ibnW iksy jwq-pwq, Drm, rMg, nsl dy ivqkry dy, hr lwvwrs, lwcwr, bImwr, pwgl Aqy Apwhj dI syvw krdy sn [ ieh r~b dI imhr dw ikRSmw hI hY ik aunHW bhuq gMBIr, iBAwnk, lw-ielwj qy CUq dy rogW qoN gRsq  rogIAW dI h~QIN syvw kIqI pr aunHW nUM koeI bImwrI nw l~gI [

lok BlweI dw koeI vI kMm aunHW nUM qu~C jW GtIAw nw jwpdw, ijvyN sVkW ’qy pey ik~l, KurIAW, kyly dy iC~lV, roVy, k~c, gohw, t~tI, Awid cu~kxy [ auh isr& sweIkl, irkSw, tWgw jW ryl g~fI dy qIjy drjy ivc s&r krdy sn [  aunHW dw ivSvws sI ik aunHW nUM jo kuJ vI pRwpq hoieAw hY, auh gurduAwirAW ivcoN hI hoieAw hY, BwvyN auh gurduAwrw fyhrw swihb lwhOr sI jW drbwr swihb AMimRqsr[ auh Awpxy Awp nUM gurU Gr dw JwVU brdwr jW pihrydwr AwK ky ^uSI Aqy &Kr mihsUs krdy[ auh gurU dI imhr nwloN iksy Avwrf jW aupwDI nUM v~fw nhIN mMndy sn [ aupRySn ‘bilaU stwr’ qoN ip~CoN auh pdmSRI dI aupwDI vwps moV ky bhuq sMquStI mihsUs krdy sn [ h~QIN inSkwm syvw krnw Aqy igAwn pRwpq krnw aunHW dw imSn vI sI qy ieSk vI [ aunHW dy kuJ ivSyS gux ies pRkwr sn:-

1)   iqAwgI ieMny sn ik h~QIN bxweI ipMglvwVw dI ivSwl Aqy Swndwr iemwrq ivc aunHW dw kmrw qW kI, koeI AlmwrI vI nhIN sI [ lMmw smW qMgI-qurSI k~tx ip~CoN, ipMglvwVw nUM dwn v~joN l~KW rupey Awaux l~g pey jo swry dy swry ApwhjW, bImwrW Aqy lwcwrW au~qy ^rc kr idMdy Aqy Awpxy kol kuJ vI jmHW nw krdy [

2)  ie^lwk ieMnw au~cw ik smwj dIAW sqweIAW hoeIAW lwcwr qy pwZl AOrqW, ijnHW ivc sohxIAW, jvwn lVkIAW vI huMdIAW, dy isrW ’qy ipqw vwlw h~Q qW r~iKAw, aunHW dy mwnisk jW hor iBAwnk rogW dw ielwj qW krwieAw pr aunW v~l mYlI A~K nwl kdI nw vyiKAw [ jo rwzI ho ky Awpxw QW-pqw d~s skI, aus nUM aus dy Gr phuMcwieAw [ gurU nwnk dyv jI dI is~iKAw aunHW dy rom-rom ivc v~sI hoeI sI [

3)  syvw-Bwv ieMnw idRVH ik rogIAW dy z^mW ’coN kIiVAW qk vI Awp k~Fy Aqy keIAW dy dsqW, mroVW qy aultIAW vwly k~pVy h`QIN Doqy, pr iGRxw nhIN kIqI Aqy nw hI A~ky-Q~ky [ sgoN ipAwrw isMG nUM qW Awpxw r~b vI AwK idMdy ik, “jy ieh myry kool nw AwauNdw qW ipMglvwVw vI hoNd ivc nw AwauNdw [”

4)  vcn dy ieMny p~ky ik jy mW ny AwiKAw ik ‘ipqw dI jwiedwd ivcoN ih~sw nw lvIN’ qW aus pwsy v~l kdI q~ikAw vI nw [ jy mW nwl vwAdw kIqw ik ‘swrI aumr kuvwrw rih ky r~b dy hI kMm krWgw’ qW ies g~l ’qy Aw^rI dm q~k pihrw id~qw [

5)    ihrdy dy ieMny koml ik jdoN pqw l~gw ik vDIAw cmVw jIauNdy pSUAW nUM ku~t-ku~t ky mwrn Aqy aunHW dI K~l lwhux nwl bxdw hY qW cmVy dI bxI ju~qI pwauxI hI C~f id~qI Aqy KVwvW pwauNdy rhy [

6)   by-rozgwrI dI ieMnI icMqw ik jdoN pqw l~gw ik h~Q-K~fI dI QW mSInW l~gx nwl by-rozgwrI vDdI hY qW swrI aumr h~Q-K~fI dw buixAw K~dr hI pwieAw Aqy Awpxy swQI syvwdwrW nUM vI hr mhIny qn^wh dy nwl K~dr vI idMdy rhy [ ieh rIq Ajy q~k cl rhI hY [

7) ^urwk ieMnI swdw qy ssqI ik jo lMgr ’c p~kdw auho hI KWdy [ qMgI-qurSI dy idnW iv~c jo ru~KI-im~sI imldI, Kw ky TMfw pwxI pI lYNdy rhy[

8) smwijk burweIAW, dyS nUM drpyS msilAW, vDdI AwbwdI, vwqwvrn dy gMDlwpn, kudrqI soimAW dI ^pq, jMglW dI ktweI, DrqI dy Kory Awid dI ieMnI icMqw ik ienHW bwry ij~QoN vI cMgy lyK jW jwxkwrI imlI, AwpxI pRY~s ivc Cwp ky muKq vMfI qW jo lok ienHW bwry sucyq hox, socx Aqy shweI hox [ mu~kdI g~l, DrqI, hvw qy pwxI dI sv~Cqw, dyS qy smwj dy msilAW dy h~l Aqy du~KI mnu~Kqw dI inSkwm syvw hI swrI aumr aunHW dI icMqw bxy rhy Aqy ies pwsy aunHW ieqnw kMm kIqw ik iek jIaUNdI-jwgdI imswl bx gey[

AMqm smW :Bgq jI Awpxy jIaUNdy jIA iek jIaUNdI-jwgdI imswl bx gey sn [ auh iek mnu~K nhIN sgoN iek sMsQw bx gey sn, iek vyKx-Xog guxvwn S^sIAq [ auh 20 jUn 1992 nUM bImwr pY gey Aqy aunHW nUM virAwm isMG nrisMg hom AMimRqsr ivc dwKl krvw id~qw igAw, ij~Qy 23 jUn nUM aunHW dw auprySn hoieAw [ ip~CoN hwlq Acwnk ivgV jwx kr ky aunHW nUM hvweI jhwj rwhIN pI.jI.AweI. cMfIgVH iljwieAw igAw, ij~Qy aunHW dw iek hor auprySn hoieAw [ pr nwl hI idl Aqy PyPVy dI qklI& ho geI Aqy AMq 5 Agsq 1992 nUM auh sdIvI ivCoVw dy gey [

ieho ijhy mhWpurS XugW ip~CoN hI sMswr ivc AwauNdy hn Aqy kudrq dy inXm Anuswr ienHW nUM vI ies PwnI sMswr qoN jwxw pyNdw hY [

sdIvI Xwd : Bgq jI BwvyN srIrk qOr ’qy swfy ivckwr nhIN rhy pr auh Awpxy ip`Cy, ipMglvwVw dy rUp ivc, AwpxI sdIvI Xwd C~f gey hn, jo by-GirAw leI Gr, by-AwsirAW leI Awsrw, lwvwrs rogIAW leI hspqwl, b~icAW leI pGUMVw Aqy jvwn lVkIAW Aqy AOrqW leI iek sur`iKAq Gr hY[ ieMj ies bhu-mu~KI sMsQw ny Bgq jI nUM Amr kr id~qw hY [

ies dw kMm c~ldw r~Kx leI, auh AwpxI vsIAq rwhIN, Awpxw au~qr-AiDkwrI fwktr bIbI ieMdrjIq kOr nMU Qwp gey hn, ijnHW ny aunHW dI vI AMqly swhW q~k iek DI dy ipAwr qy lgn nwl syvw kIqI Aqy hux sMsQw dy duKIAW Aqy rogIAW dI syvw vI pUrI qn-dyhI nwl kr rhy hn[ auh (bIbI jI) qy aunHW dy sihXogIAW, syvwdwrW dI tIm ipMglvwVw sMsQw dy lgBg 1700 rogIAW (ijvyN 30.06.2015 nUM) dI syvw-sMBwl nUM hI Awpxw Drm-krm smJdI hY qy Bgq jI pRqI s~cI SrDWjlI vI [ ieho kwrn hY ik, vwihgurU dI ikrpw sdkw, sMsQw dw kMm idno-idn au~nqI dy mwrg ’qy, by-rok qy by-DVk, A~gy hI A~gy vDdw jw irhw hY [


-muKqwr isMG gurwieAw

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